Populäre Musik analysieren und interpretieren am Beispiel des Soul
EinFach Musik. Unterrichtsmodell
Weber, Bernhard;Schläbitz, Norbert[Mitwirkender, Herausgeber]
Signatur: MQ20594

A discourse concerning the soul of man : As also, the opinion of several divines thereanent, and whether the difference betwixt common and saving grace is in the kind or degree, with Mr. Owen's opinion of our Saviour's hypostatical union, and the Cause of printing it, and a Description of Sin, and its opposite Grace in the Regenerate, &c. And Likewise The Author's Opinion of the Oath of Abjuration, and the Jurants and Nonjurants thereof, and of the Hill-Men and their Teachers; with a Description of Presbyterian and Episcopal Government, and the Solemn League and Covenant relative therto, and his Thoughts of the Union, and Efficacy thereof: With some other Observations concerning the present State of the Church and Nation. And also, What was before being ex omni aliquid & ex toto nihil mali nisi malis. The Pamphlet is worth a Crown. But I desired the Bookseller to take but a Shilling from the common People, that every Country-Man may purchase one of them, (at a small Rate) for whom they were principally designed; the Author being obliged to make up the Printer's Loss if any be. The Stile and Doctrine being suited to the meanest Capacity, (it being easier to descend than ascend,) and yet the most Learned may be edified by it: For all which I will answer any that will speak against it. And Lastly, There is an Account of some Points of Doctrine preached by two Ministers, where a certain Gentleman there (being an Auditor) differed from them, as unfound and heterodox, and accordingly questioned them thereupon, who gave him no Satisfaction, but Reflections; which occasioned him to write down all that passed betwixt them, and expose it to the View of the World, to see whether the Teacher or teached were most Orthodox. Cibofcabbgofela [Elektronische Ressource]

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