The truth acknowledged : or, sufficient proof to disabuse the publick, of the misrepresentations and false reports which have been maliciously spread abroad against the work of Mr. P. R. Fremont. By his Enemies, to hinder the Execution of his Performance which is a doing by Subscription. Published by the Author purely to engage the true Lovers of Sciences and fine Arts to render him Justice; and besides, as far as their Generosity will permit them, to honour him with the Favour of their Encouragement. These Sheets contain, 1. A Discourse pronounced by the Author before the Illustrious Royal Society, in the Name of his Grace the Duke of Montagu, his noble Patron. 2. Another Discourse by way of a Letter, addressed to Sir Hanse Sloane, Knight and Baronet; wherein the said Author answers to several Objections that have been made to him relating to his Undertaking, and proves, in the mean time, the usefulness of it to Physicians, Surgeons, &c. and not only to all those that make their Business in the noble Art of Painting, Sculpting and Engraving: And in short, whatever has any Relation to Drawing, but also to all Noblemen, Gentlemen and others, who would take Pleasure to acquire any Skill in that fine and noble Art before they enter upon their Travels. 3. And lastly, Approbations upon the Author's Performance, by several great Masters. Most humbly addressed To the King of Great Britain [Elektronische Ressource]

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