Mondal, Sayoni; Patel, Priyank Pravin
Examining the utility of river restoration approaches for flood mitigation and channel stability enhancement: a recent review
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  • Environmental earth sciences, 2018-03, Vol.77 (5), p.1-25
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Berlin/Heidelberg: Springer Berlin Heidelberg
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Increased anthropogenic activities, especially within the river corridor, have progressively disrupted natural flow regimes and segmented channel–floodplain connectivity. Consequent alterations in flow dynamics have caused geomorphic and hydrological changes in channel morphology and behaviour, decreasing their natural replenishment capacity, thereby causing their degradation. The simultaneous disconnection of the channel from its natural floodplain due to intensive cultivation and surface paving has also reduced possible floodwater outlets or seepage zones, which would have otherwise functioned as storm run-off storage buffers that reduced the flood peak downstream. Such occurrences of flow disruption, especially in low-relief topographic regions buffeted by high intensity monsoonal storms, accentuate flood-like situations, since natural channel capacities to transport excess storm-water are diminished, with this further enhancing ongoing or inducing riverbank erosion. Such events have accounted for much loss of life, livelihood and property worldwide and to mitigate their intensity, river restoration techniques have been promoted. These place greater emphasis on ecological management measures that attempt to restore and rehabilitate the geomorphic and hydrological functionality of the stream to a prior, more pristine state to achieve channel stability and regulate flows. Thus, frameworks based on river corridor management, riparian buffer creation and the River Styles Framework instituted guidelines, aided by geospatial analysis techniques, have yielded significant management strategies for such flood- and erosion-affected degraded channel corridors. This paper presents a recent review of such ecological techniques of flood and channel management, especially in monsoonal environments, while highlighting the issues concerning their implementation in developing nations.

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