Jung, Jae Hee; Park, Sun Young; Lee, Jung Eun; Nho, Chu Won; Lee, Byung Uk; Bae, Gwi Nam
Electrohydrodynamic nano-spraying of ethanolic natural plant extracts
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  • Journal of aerosol science, 2011, Vol.42(10), pp.725-736
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Aerosol techniques have recently been used to process natural products for medical, pharmaceutical, and environmental health applications. In particular, electrohydrodynamic spraying, or electrospraying, which is a method of atomizing liquids by means of electrical forces, is a promising aerosol technology because it generates non-agglomerated particles due to repulsive electrical forces between particles with unipolar charges. We investigated the characteristics of natural-product nanoparticles generated via electrospraying. A plant extract containing a natural-product ( Sophora flavescens) was sprayed in steady cone-jet mode using a specially designed electrospray system with a point-to-orifice-plate configuration. The electrosprayed natural-product particles maintained their bimodal size distribution with good stability and uniformity for longer than 1 h. Compared to generation characteristics observed using a conventional nebulization process, the electrospray technique...
ISSN: 0021-8502
ISSN: 1879-1964
DOI: 10.1016/j.jaerosci.2011.06.007

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