Baklanova, N. I; Matvienko, A. A; Titov, A. T
The Effect of ZrO2 Interphase on Interfacial Frictional Stresses in SiC/ZrO2/SiCf Composites
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  • Composite interfaces, 2010-01-01, Vol.17 (4), p.383-393
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LEIDEN: Taylor & Francis Group
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Two types of SiC fiber tows (Hi-Nicalon™ and Hi-Nicalon S™) were coated with stabilized ZrO 2 and composited using preceramic polymer impregnation pyrolysis to form SiC/SiC f minicomposites. Properties of the fiber/matrix interface in composites were investigated using the indentation method in which a pyramidal indenter was used to push on an individual fiber and cause sliding at the interface. The interfacial frictional stresses were determined from the force-displacement relation. The composites reinforced by the ZrO 2 -coated fibers have smaller interfacial frictional stresses than composites reinforced by the initial fibers and show fibers sliding relatively more easily with respect to the SiC matrix.
ISSN: 0927-6440
ISSN: 1568-5543
DOI: 10.1163/092764410X495306

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