Di Gregorio, Raffaele; Simas, Henrique
Dimensional synthesis of the single-loop translational parallel manipulator PRRR-PRPU
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  • Meccanica (Milan), 2017-06-12, Vol.53 (1-2), p.481-495
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Dordrecht: Springer Netherlands
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The dimensional synthesis of translational parallel manipulators (TPMs) of type P RRR- P R P U is addressed by using an overall novel method. Addressing this design step on such TPMs is interesting for the scientific community since, in a previous paper, one of the authors showed that it has the following promising features: a single-loop not-overconstrained architecture with all the actuators on or near to the base, a simple position analysis, easy-to-find workspace boundaries, no constraint singularity, a type-II singularity locus that is a plane easy to keep far from the useful workspace, and a double infinity of isotropic configurations. The presented synthesis includes the analysis of isotropy and dexterity by local and global conditioning indexes, the useful workspace optimization, and the accuracy and stiffness analyses. The result is the identification of a normalized TPM of type P RRR- P R P U with performances that are comparable with those of commercial TPMs. The identified normalized TPM yields a set of actual TPMs with the same performances by changing the value of a reference geometric length. Also, the chosen shape of the useful workspace (i.e., a cuboid) matches the needs of many industrial applications.

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