Zou, Wei; Xiong, Xianghua; Zhang, Jing; Zhang, Kaizheng; Zhao, Xingxiu; Zhao, Changqing
Reconstruction and analysis of a genome-scale metabolic model of Methylovorus sp MP688, a high-level pyrroloquinolone quinone producer
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  • BioSystems, 2018-10-01, Vol.172, p.37-42
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Methylovorus sp. MP688 is a methylotrophic bacterium that can be used as a pyrroloquinolone quinone (PQQ) producer. To obtain a comprehensive understanding of its metabolic capabilities, we constructed a genome-scale metabolic model (tWZ583) of Methylovorus sp. MP688, based on its genome annotations, data from public metabolic databases, and literature mining. The model includes 772 reactions, 764 metabolites, and 583 genes. Growth of Methylovorus sp. MP688 was simulated using different carbon and nitrogen sources, and the results were consistent with experimental data. A core metabolic essential gene set of 218 genes was predicted by gene essentiality analysis on minimal medium containing methanol. Based on in silico predictions, the addition of aspartate to the medium increased PQQ production by 4.6-fold. Deletion of three reactions associated with four genes (MPQ_1150, MPQ_1560, MPQ_1561, MPQ_1562) was predicted to yield a PQQ production rate of 0.123 mmol/gDW/h, while cell growth decreased by 2.5%. Here, model iWZ583 represents a useful platform for understanding the phenotype of Methylovorus sp. MP688 and improving PQQ production.

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