de Jong, Arjan S; Schrama, Ina W. J; Willems, Peter H. G. M; Galama, Jochem M. D; Melchers, Willem J. G; van Kuppeveld, Frank J. M
Multimerization reactions of coxsackievirus proteins 2B, 2C and 2BC: a mammalian two-hybrid analysis
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  • Journal of general virology, 2002-04-01, Vol.83 (4), p.783-793
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LONDON: Soc General Microbiol
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Departments of Medical Microbiology 1 and Biochemistry 2 , Nijmegen Center for Molecular Life Sciences, University Medical Center Nijmegen, PO Box 9101, 6500 HB Nijmegen, The Netherlands Author for correspondence: Frank van Kuppeveld. Fax +31 24 3540216. e-mail f.vankuppeveld{at} Recently, homomultimerization and heteromultimerization reactions of the poliovirus P2 region proteins were investigated using a yeast two-hybrid approach (Cuconati et al ., Journal of Virology 72, 1297–1307, 1998). In this study, we investigated multimerization reactions of the 2B, 2C and 2BC proteins of the closely related coxsackie B3 virus (CBV3) using a mammalian two-hybrid system. This system allows the characterization of protein:protein interactions within a cellular environment that more closely mimics the native protein environment. Homomultimerization reactions were observed with the 2BC protein and, albeit weakly, with the 2B protein, but not with the 2C protein. To identify the determinants involved in the 2BC and 2B homomultimerization reactions, several mutants containing deletions or point mutations in the 2B region were tested. Disruption of the hydrophobic character of either the cationic amphipathic -helix or the second hydrophobic domain of the 2B protein disturbed both the 2BC:2BC and the 2B:2B homomultimerization reactions. Disruption of either the cationic or the amphipathic character of the -helix or deletion of the N-terminal 30 amino acids of the 2B protein, however, had no effect on the 2BC and 2B homomultimerization reactions. Heteromultimerization reactions were observed between proteins 2BC and 2B, and also between proteins 2BC and 2C, but not between the 2B and 2C proteins. The 2BC:2B and 2BC:2C heteromultimerization reactions were also mediated by hydrophobic determinants located in the amphipathic -helix and the second hydrophobic domain. The nature of the interactions and their implications for the virus life-cycle are discussed.

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