Lassagne, B; Garcia-Sanchez, D; Aguasca, A; Bachtold, A
Ultrasensitive Mass Sensing with a Nanotube Electromechanical Resonator
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  • Nano letters, 2008-11-12, Vol.8 (11), p.3735-3738
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WASHINGTON: American Chemical Society
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Shrinking mechanical resonators to submicrometer dimensions (∼100 nm) has tremendously improved capabilities in sensing applications. In this Letter, we go further in size reduction using a 1 nm diameter carbon nanotube as a mechanical resonator for mass sensing. The performances, which are tested by measuring the mass of evaporated chromium atoms, are exceptional. The mass responsivity is measured to be 11 Hz·yg−1 and the mass resolution is 25 zg at room temperature (1 yg = 10−24 g and 1 zg = 10−21 g). By cooling the nanotube down to 5 K in a cryostat, the signal for the detection of mechanical vibrations is improved and corresponds to a resolution of 1.4 zg.

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