DiRita, Victor J; Young, Kathryn T; Davis, Lindsay M
Campylobacter jejuni : molecular biology and pathogenesis
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  • Nature reviews. Microbiology, 2007-09, Vol.5 (9), p.665-679
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Campylobacter jejuni is a foodborne bacterial pathogen that is common in the developed world. However, we know less about its biology and pathogenicity than we do about other less prevalent pathogens. Interest in C. jejuni has increased in recent years as a result of the growing appreciation of its importance as a pathogen and the availability of new model systems and genetic and genomic technologies. C. jejuni establishes persistent, benign infections in chickens and is rapidly cleared by many strains of laboratory mouse, but causes significant inflammation and enteritis in humans. Comparing the different host responses to C. jejuni colonization should increase our understanding of this organism.

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