Heinks-Maldonado, Theda H; Mathalon, Daniel H; Gray, Max; Ford, Judith M
Fine-tuning of auditory cortex during speech production
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  • Psychophysiology, 2005-03, Vol.42 (2), p.180-190
Received August 18, 2004; Accepted November 29, 2004
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Oxford, UK: Blackwell Publishing
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The cortex suppresses sensory information when it is the result of a self‐produced motor act, including the motor act of speaking. The specificity of the auditory cortical suppression to self‐produced speech, a prediction derived from the posited operation of a precise forward model system, has not been established. We examined the auditory N100 component of the event‐related brain potential elicited during speech production. While subjects uttered a vowel, they heard real‐time feedback of their unaltered voice, their pitch‐shifted voice, or an alien voice substituted for their own. The subjects' own unaltered voice feedback elicited a dampened auditory N100 response relative to the N100 elicited by altered or alien auditory feedback. This is consistent with the operation of a precise forward model modulating the auditory cortical response to self‐generated speech and allowing immediate distinction of self and externally generated auditory stimuli.

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