Panek, Mark; Chong, Damon
"Biography": The First Twenty Years
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  • Biography (Honolulu), 1997-10-01, Vol.20 (4), p.571-633
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Honolulu: University of Hawai'i Press for the Biographical Research Center
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JSTOR Arts & Sciences XIII
Subject listings consist of the subject, followed in parentheses by the names of authors of articles featuring the subject. Black Biography in the Service of a Revolution: Life Course Analysis of an Intellectual Aristocracy. Autobiography in Eighteenth Century America. Bell, Robert H. "Confession and Concealment in The Autobiography of Bertrand Russell." Boswell (Bradham, Comic Fragments; Finney, Boswell's Hebridean Journal); Buchan (Brown, B.); Carlyle (Vanden Bossche); Gaskell (Helms); Evelyn (Redford); Halifax (BIall); Johnson (Basney; Bradham, Cosmic Fragments; Bush; Maner; Parke; Schwalm, Johnson's Life of Savage; Vance); North, R. (Cochrane); Pater (Candido); Stephen (Hyman); Strachey (Lago; Overend). Blum, Richard H. "Psychological Processes in Preparing Contemporary Biography." Brink, Robert J. "The Use of Court Records in Biographical Research: A Descriptive and Prescriptive Look at the Suffolk Files." The Nazi Role in the Spanish Civil War, 1936-1939.
ISSN: 0162-4962
ISSN: 1529-1456
ISSN: 1529-1456
DOI: 10.1353/bio.2010.0186

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