Kim, Kyeong-Mi; Park, Jin-Hee; Shin, Weon-Sun
Optimized Conditions of Model Processing for Ready-to-eat Style Galbi-jjim Prepared by Sous-vide and Cook-chill System
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  • Korean journal for food science of animal resources, 2009, Vol.29 (6), p.673-679
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To develop ready-to-eat (RTE) style Korean traditional Galbi-jjim, the optimal conditions for sous-vide cooking and cookchill preparation and the sensory properties of the cooked products were investigated. During heating, the meat core temperatures reached $85^{\circ}C$ within 30 min and 45 min when a water bath and combination oven were used, respectively. Chilling to $3^{\circ}C$ within 45 min was conducted to meet the standards for microbiological safety set by the UK Department of Health and Social Security (DHSS) Guideline. Galbi-jjim that was vacuum-cooked in a water bath was much more tender than that of Galbi-jjim prepared using the cook-chill method, but had no difference in any reheating methods. The average sensory scores of juiciness and the overall acceptance of Galbi-jjim were significantly higher when water bath cooking was used, and there were no differences in reheating methods. In conclusion, the serial methods of sous-vide processing and rapid chilling can be applied to produce RTE traditional Galbi-jjim, and this can be conducted while meeting the standards specified in safety guidelines.
ISSN: 1225-8563
ISSN: 2234-246X
ISSN: 2636-0772
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