SAWAI, Seiko
JSHE and Its Activities for 1994 IYF
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  • Journal of Home Economics of Japan, 1995/03/15, Vol.46(3), pp.285-286
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The Japan Society of Home Economics
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The International Federation of Home Economics (IFHE), whose primary mission is to help families to improve the quality of their daily lives, supported, and encouraged the celebration of 1994 International Year of the Family (IYF) the United Nations (UN) proclaimed in 1989. IFHE was IYF's patron and one of the leading Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO's) who had worked dilligently with UN for the declaration of IYF since 1982. The Japan Society of Home Economics (JSHE), as a member of IFHE, initiated and participated in IYF activities from the early stage in Japan, because IYF ideal is in accord with JSHE's mission of improving the quality of our daily lives. In recognition of JSHE's support and activities for IYF, the UN Tesimonial was awarded JSHE on September 5, 1994. It is honorable and epochal for JSHE, as it is an explicit proof that JSHE is widely recognized as a professional network of taking a leading role in contributing to the improvement of the quality of our daily lives. Celebration of IYF coming to a close, it seems to be necessary to summarize JSHE's overall activities for IYF in commemoration of being awarded the UN Testimonial.
ISSN: 0913-5227
ISSN: 1882-0352
DOI: 10.11428/jhej1987.46.285
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