Shilpi, Forhad; Umali-Deininger, Dina
Market facilities and agricultural marketing: evidence from Tamil Nadu, India
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  • Agricultural economics, 2008-11, Vol.39 (3), p.281-294
Received 28 January 2008; received in revised form 14 June 2008; accepted 14 June 2008
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Malden, USA: Blackwell Publishing
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This article analyzes the effect of facilities and infrastructure available at the marketplace on a farmer's decision to sell at the market. The econometric estimation shows that the likelihood of sales at the market increases significantly with an improvement in market facilities and a decrease in travel time from the village to the market. The results suggest that wealth reduces a farmer's cost of accessing market facilities more than it increases her/his opportunity cost of leisure. The policy simulation indicates that the marginal benefits from an improvement in market facility will favor the poorer farmers in the context of India.

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