Huang, Ruiju; Schmerr, Lester W; Sedov, Alexander
Multi-Gaussian Ultrasonic Beam Modeling for Multiple Curved Interfaces-an ABCD Matrix Approach
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  • Research in nondestructive evaluation, 2005-10-01, Vol.16 (4), p.143-174
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PHILADELPHIA: Taylor & Francis Group
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A multi-Gaussian beam model uses a superposition of Gaussian beams to simulate the waves radiated from an ultrasonic transducer. We show that propagation and reflection/transmission laws for Gaussian beams in fluids and elastic solids can be written in the form of A , B , C , D matrices that are analogous to the A, B, C, D scalars used in Gaussian optics. This representation leads to simple expressions for a Gaussian beam even after that beam has been transmitted or reflected at multiple curved interfaces and produces a highly modular multi-Gaussian beam model that is also computationally very efficient. Some examples of the use of this model for both planar and curved interfaces are given.

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