Chang, Hsiang-Kuan; Lin, Yong-Jun; Lai, Jihn-Sung
Methodology to set trigger levels in an urban drainage flood warning system - an application to Jhonghe, Taiwan
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  • Hydrological sciences journal, 2018-01-02, Vol.63 (1), p.31-49
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ABINGDON: Taylor & Francis
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A wireless water-level monitoring system for an urban drainage flood warning is developed, and stations equipped with pressure sensors are installed to monitor water levels. The water levels for flood warning are investigated. Two stages of warning water level for "larger" conduits are set based on the rate of rising water levels. In a similar way, only one stage of the warning water level is set for "smaller" conduits. The average rates of rising water levels for different scenarios are estimated using the US EPA Storm Water Management Model (SWMM). When evaluating the impact of flooding, the outflows from manholes simulated by the SWMM are used as sources for a two-dimensional overland flow simulation. The integrated system is successfully executed in Jhonghe, New Taipei City, Taiwan, which has experienced urban drainage floods. Therefore, this system can provide urban drainage flood warnings to the authorities to take disaster reduction measures.
ISSN: 0262-6667
ISSN: 2150-3435
DOI: 10.1080/02626667.2017.1409897
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drainage, flood, Physical Sciences, Science & Technology, trigger, urban, warning, Water Resources, wireless

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