Flaßkamp, Kathrin; Timmermann, Julia; Ober-Blöbaum, Sina; Trächtler, Ansgar
Control strategies on stable manifolds for energy-efficient swing-ups of double pendula
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  • International journal of control, 2014-09-02, Vol.87 (9), p.1886-1905
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ABINGDON: Taylor & Francis
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Optimal control problems for mechanical systems often arise in technical applications. To find solutions with minimal control effort, the system's natural, uncontrolled dynamics can be used. Promising candidates to be considered for energy-efficient trajectories are highly dynamic, but uncontrolled motions on (un)stable manifolds of equilibria. In this contribution, we propose a control strategy for mechanical systems which sequences uncontrolled trajectories on (un)stable manifolds with short control manoeuvres to design a feedforward control. In particular, we present optimal swing-up solutions for a double pendulum which are based on trajectories on the stable manifold of the pendulum's up-up equilibrium. To demonstrate the advantages of our approach compared to a black-box optimisation, we perform a post-optimisation with the optimal control sequence as an initial guess. The numerical results are evaluated in a simulation environment for the double pendulum on a cart and applied to a real test rig.
ISSN: 0020-7179
ISSN: 1366-5820
DOI: 10.1080/00207179.2014.893450

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