Zhu, Fengchao; Gao, Feifei; Yao, Minli; Zou, Hongxing
Joint Information- and Jamming-Beamforming for Physical Layer Security With Full Duplex Base Station
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  • IEEE transactions on signal processing, 2014-12-15, Vol.62 (24), p.6391-6401
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In this paper, we design joint information beamforming and jamming beamforming to guarantee both transmit security and receive security for a full-duplex base-station (FD-BS). Specifically, we aim to maximize the secret transmit rate while constrain the secret receive rate to be greater than a predefined bound. When FD-BS is equipped with a single transmit antenna, we derive the optimal solutions in closed-form, and interestingly, the results say that simultaneous information and jamming transmission cannot be optimal. When FD-BS is equipped with multiple transmit antennas, we convert the original nonconvex problem into a sequence of subproblems where the semidefinite programming (SDP) relaxation can be applied to efficiently find the optimal solutions. We strictly prove that such a relaxation does not change the optimality for these subproblems. Then the global optimal solutions of the original nonconvex problem can be obtained via a one-dimensional search. Simulation results are provided to verify the efficiency of the proposed algorithms.

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