Kimotho, James Kuria; Hemsel, Tobias; Sextro, Walter
Estimation of Remaining Useful Lifetime of Piezoelectric Transducers Based on Self-Sensing
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  • IEEE transactions on reliability, 2017-09, Vol.66 (3), p.914-923
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Piezoelectric transducers are used in a wide range of applications. Reliability of these transducers is an important aspect in their application. Prognostics, which involve continuous monitoring of the health of technical systems and using this information to estimate the current health state and consequently predict the remaining useful lifetime (RUL), can be used to increase the reliability, safety, and availability of the transducers. This is achieved by utilizing the health state and RUL predictions to adaptively control the usage of the components or to schedule appropriate maintenance without interrupting operation. In this work, a prognostic approach utilizing self-sensing, where electric signals of a piezoelectric transducer are used as the condition monitoring data, is proposed. The approach involves training machine learning algorithms to model the degradation of the transducers through a health index and the use of the learned model to estimate the health index of similar transducers. The current health index is then used to estimate RUL of test components. The feasibility of the approach is demonstrated using piezoelectric bimorphs and the results show that the method is accurate in predicting the health index and RUL.

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