Siqi Li; Weihan Li; Junjun Deng; Nguyen, Trong Duy; Mi, Chunting Chris
A Double-Sided LCC Compensation Network and Its Tuning Method for Wireless Power Transfer
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  • IEEE transactions on vehicular technology, 2015-06, Vol.64 (6), p.2261-2273
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This paper proposes a double-sided LCC compensation network and its tuning method for wireless power transfer (WPT). With the proposed topology and its tuning method, the resonant frequency is irrelevant with the coupling coefficient between the two coils and is also independent of the load condition, which means that the system can work at a constant switching frequency. Analysis in frequency domain is given to show the characteristics of the proposed method. We also propose a method to tune the network to realize zero voltage switching (ZVS) for the Primary-side switches. Simulation and experimental results verified analysis and validity of the proposed compensation network and the tuning method. A wireless charging system with output power of up to 7.7 kW for electric vehicles was built, and 96% efficiency from dc power source to battery load is achieved.

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