JHHSA LGBT symposium introduction
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  • Journal of health and human services administration, 2014-09-22, Vol.37 (2), p.150
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Harrisburg: Southern Public Administration Education Foundation, Inc
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The formal establishment of ASPA's LGBT Advocacy Alliance Section in December 2011 can be viewed as the culmination of nearly two decades of individuals' efforts to raise awareness of challenges facing the LGBT public administration community and to facilitate connections amongst administrators and their allies within the Society. The fact that it took so long to reach this milestone demonstrates a broader pattern regarding social equity issues within the Society. Although it took ASPA 35 years to cross the divide of racial and gender equity, LGBT issues had neither been addressed nor embraced by ASPA in policy discussions, national conference panels, workshops, etc. until recently. It has been a wonderful experience to see so many young professionals at the Annual Conference realize that they can be open and still be welcome -- there is a place at the table for everyone.
ISSN: 1079-3739
ISSN: 2168-5509

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