Pantic, Z; Sanzhong Bai; Lukic, S. M
ZCS LCC-Compensated Resonant Inverter for Inductive-Power-Transfer Application
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  • IEEE transactions on industrial electronics (1982), 2011-08, Vol.58 (8), p.3500-3510
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Inductive power transfer (IPT) is commonly used to transmit power from an extended loop (track) to a number of galvanically isolated movable pick-ups. To maximize the power transfer and minimize converter requirements, various compensation circuits have been proposed for both the track (primary) and the pick-up (secondary). This paper investigates the suitability of the LCC series-parallel compensation for IPT primary design. A new compensation-circuit design procedure is proposed that considers high-order current harmonics and results in inverter zero-current switching. The proposed compensation is compared with the classical compensation designed for zero phase angle between the inverter voltage and current fundamental components. Expressions for the bifurcation boundary, voltampere rating of reactive-compensation elements, and the current at the moment of switching are derived and analyzed. Analytical results are verified both via PSpice simulations and experimentally using a 1-hp MOSFET-based prototype.

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