Zeng, LingSen; Liang, FengHua; Asimow, Paul; Chen, FangYuan; Chen, Jing
Partial melting of deeply subducted continental crust and the formation of quartzofeldspathic polyphase inclusions in the Sulu UHP eclogites
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  • Chinese science bulletin, 2009, Vol.54 (15), p.2580-2594
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Two types of quartzofeldspathic inclusions hosted by omphacite and garnet were identified in the Sulu UHP eclogites. The first consists of albite, quartz, and various amounts of K-feldspar. In contrast, the second consists predominantly of K-feldspar and quartz without any albite. The presence of quartzofeldspathic inclusions within the UHP mafic eclogites indicates that partial melting occurred in deeply subducted continental crust via mica dehydration melting reactions at an early stage of rapid exhumation. Such a melting event generated hydrous Na-K-Al-Si melts. These melts infiltrated into the mafic eclogite and were captured by recrystallizing garnet or omphacite, which together followed by dehydration and crystallization to form feldspar-bearing polyphase inclusions. Formation of silicate melts within the deeply subducted continental slab not only provides an excellent medium to transport both mobile (LILE) and immobile (HFSE) elements over a large distance, but also induces effective changes in the physical properties of the UHP slab. This process could be a major factor that enhances rapid exhumation of a deeply subducted continental slab.
ISSN: 1001-6538
ISSN: 2095-9273
ISSN: 1861-9541
ISSN: 2095-9281
DOI: 10.1007/s11434-009-0426-6

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