Panning, L; Sextro, W; Popp, K
Spatial dynamics of tuned and mistuned bladed disks with cylindrical and wedge-shaped friction dampers
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  • International journal of rotating machinery, 2003, Vol.9 (3), p.219-228
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Hindawi Limited
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This article reports a computation method that has been developed to analyze tuned and mistuned bladed disk assemblies with cylindrical and wedge-shaped dampers. The authors applied a spatial contact model consisting of a number of discrete three-dimensional point contact elements to study spatial blade vibrations. The analysis of a tuned system consisting of 16 identical blades showed the effectiveness of the different damper types for varying engine orders. It could be shown that the cylindrical damper tends to roll along the blade platforms for small relative displacements between neighboring blades caused by low engine orders and, thus, the damping potential decreases rapidly. While the wedge-shaped damper provides better damping effects and should be preferred in this case, this damper type tends toward a partial separation at its edges. To improve the damper design and to avoid the damper's rolling, the influence of asymmetrical blade platforms was investigated; it showed that avoidance of symmetry increases the damping effect. Statistical and systematic mistuning of the blade assembly was analyzed, and it became evident that the optimal damper mass of the corresponding tuned system leads to similar vibration amplitudes in the mistuned system; on the other hand, a nonoptimal damper mass leads to higher vibration amplitudes than in the corresponding tuned system. Additionally, an intentional mistuning with alternating natural frequencies showed better damping potential by the damper than did the tuned system.
ISSN: 1023-621X
ISSN: 1542-3034
DOI: 10.1080/10236210309520

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