Pehrsson, Pehr E; Ramaker, David
Chemistry and localization effects in the C-KVV Auger line shapes of transition metal carbides and related compounds
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  • Journal of materials research, 1993-10, Vol.8 (10), p.2716-2724
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New York, USA: Cambridge University Press
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The C-KLL Auger line shapes of the transition metal carbides and some related compounds are examined as a function of the metal and nonmetalloid components (C, N, and O). They are discussed in the context of hole-hole repulsion and screening effects. The effect of π versus σ-bonding and the proportion of ionic versus covalent bonding are correlated with various aspects of the X-CVV Auger line shape, such as relative peak shifts, intensity of a high energy shoulder, and the multiplet splitting of the sp component.

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