Fan, Fa-ti; Chen, Shun-Ling; Kao, Chia-Liang; Murphy, Michelle; Price, Matt; Barry, Liz
Citizens, Politics, and Civic Technology: A Conversation with g0v and EDGI
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  • East Asian science, technology and society, 2019-06, Vol.13 (2), p.279-297
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DURHAM: Duke University Press
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We believe it’s important, in this special issue on citizen science, to hear the opinions, experiences, and voices of practitioners. After all, they are front and center in the movements discussed in these pages. For this reason, we invited several participants in two noted civic-tech communities—g0v and EDGI—to join a conversation about tech-based activism or civic hacking. They were Chia-liang Kao from g0v, Michelle Murphy and Matt Price from EDGI, and Liz Barry, who has been instrumental in both EDGI and Public Lab, another civic-tech group. Civic-tech activists are playing an increasingly important role in the general field of citizen science. They participate in technology development, data collecting, and infrastructure building. They design better platforms for public participation and policy discussion on science, technology, public health, and environmental issues. In the following pages, we’ll find out more about what they...
ISSN: 1875-2160
ISSN: 1875-2152
DOI: 10.1215/18752160-7542932

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