Fan Xu; Han, T. J; Dong Jiang; Tolbert, L. M; Fei Wang; Nagashima, J; Sung Joon Kim; Kulkarni, S; Barlow, F
Development of a SiC JFET-Based Six-Pack Power Module for a Fully Integrated Inverter
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  • IEEE transactions on power electronics, 2013-03, Vol.28 (3), p.1464-1478
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In this paper, a fully integrated silicon carbide (SiC)-based six-pack power module is designed and developed. With 1200-V, 100-A module rating, each switching element is composed of four paralleled SiC junction gate field-effect transistors (JFETs) with two antiparallel SiC Schottky barrier diodes. The stability of the module assembly processes is confirmed with 1000 cycles of -40°C to +200°C thermal shock tests with 1.3°C/s temperature change. The static characteristics of the module are evaluated and the results show 55 mΩ on-state resistance of the phase leg at 200°C junction temperature. For switching performances, the experiments demonstrate that while utilizing a 650-V voltage and 60-A current, the module switching loss decreases as the junction temperature increases up to 150°C. The test setup over a large temperature range is also described. Meanwhile, the shoot-through influenced by the SiC JFET internal capacitance as well as package parasitic inductances are discussed. Additionally, a liquid cooled three-phase inverter with 22.9 cm × 22.4 cm × 7.1 cm volume and 3.53-kg weight, based on this power module, is designed and developed for electric vehicle and hybrid electric vehicle applications. A conversion efficiency of 98.5% is achieved at 10 kHz switching frequency at 5 kW output power. The inverter is evaluated with coolant temperature up to 95°C successfully.

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