Ervin, J. S; Zabarnick, S; Binns, E; Dieterle, G; Davis, D; Obringer, C
Investigation of the Use of JP-8+100 with Cold Flow Enhancer Additives as a Low-Cost Replacement for JPTS
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  • Energy & fuels, 1999-11-15, Vol.13 (6), p.1246-1251
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WASHINGTON: American Chemical Society
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Aircraft operation at high altitude can subject jet fuel to extremely low temperature conditions. At such temperatures, fuels have an increased viscosity which limits the ability of the fuel to flow and, at the lowest temperatures, may result in partial solidification of the fuel due to freezing. JPTS is a specialty fuel that has excellent thermal-oxidative stability characteristics and a low freeze-point temperature. Unfortunately, JPTS costs nearly three times as much as the more readily available JP-8 fuel. In addition, replacement of JPTS with JP-8 has important logistical advantages. Thus, it would be advantageous to have a JP-8 fuel that has thermal-oxidative and low-temperature characteristics that are similar to those of JPTS. The JP-8+100 additive package that has been developed previously provides JP-8 fuels with very low surface deposition characteristics. However, enhancement of the low-temperature behavior of JP-8 has not been addressed. The current work studies the potential of developing low-temperature additives for JP-8+100 fuel. One objective was to experimentally determine if a class of additives commonly used in diesel fuels, cold flow enhancers, could effectively be used in kerosene-based fuels, such as JP-8+100. The additives were blended with a representative JP-8+100 fuel. The resulting fuel blends were evaluated in a low-temperature (−73 °C) test facility. Both the amount of solidified fuel remaining in the tank after the flowing fuel had been drained (i.e., “hold-up”) and the reduction in fuel flow rate from that at 21 °C were measured. Some of the additives significantly enhanced the cold flow characteristics. The best cold flow additive candidate was tested in two thermal stability test systems and showed no detrimental effect on deposit formation. These results suggest that an additive can enhance the low-temperature properties of JP-8+100 such that it can be used as a low-cost replacement for JPTS fuel.

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