Ni, Hongjun; Sun, Baode; Jiang, Haiyan; Shu, Da; Lin, Wanli; Ding, Wenjiang
Effect of JDN-I flux on DAS of A356 alloy at different cooling rate
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  • Materials science & engineering. A, Structural materials : properties, microstructure and processing, 2003, Vol.348 (1), p.1-5
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LAUSANNE: Elsevier B.V
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A novel JDN-I flux containing a rare earth compound that has been studied has great effect on the secondary dendrite arm spacing (DAS) of A356 alloy. The experimental results indicate that the DAS ( λ 2) obtained by water-quenching decreases by 30.8% in comparison with that by air-cooling without the covering of the flux, while λ 2 obtained by water-quenching decreases by 88.2% in comparison with that by air cooling with the covering of JDN-I flux. It is shown that there are two critical cooling rates, T ̇ 1 and T ̇ 2 . If the cooling rate T ̇ < T ̇ 1 , λ 2 is primarily determined by M which is determined by the compositions, diffusion coefficient of the alloy. If T ̇ > T ̇ 2 , λ 2 is determined by the [RE] of JDN-I flux and solidification time t f. If T ̇ 1 < T ̇ < T ̇ 2 , λ 2 is determined by t f, [RE] and M together.

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