Sawerwain, Marek; Wiśniewska, Joanna
The Entanglement Level and the Detection of Quantum Data Transfer Correctness in Short Qutrit Spin Chains
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  • Wireless personal communications, 2016-10-03, Vol.96 (4), p.5437-5452
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New York: Springer US
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The quantum entanglement is an important feature of many protocols in the field of quantum computing. In this paper we evaluate a level of entanglement in short qutrit chains. This evaluation is carried out with use of the computable cross norm and realignment criterion and the concurrence measure. We also present some explicit formulae describing the concurrence measure for exemplary short spin chains. Utilizing the obtained results, we indicate that analysing the level of entanglement allows to detect the noise or deviation in the transfer process, in comparison to the perfect transfer where only operation realizing transfer is present.

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