Acharya, R; Goswami, A; Reddy, A V. R
Foreword of the Fifth Symposium on Nuclear Analytical Chemistry (NAC-V)
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  • Journal of radioanalytical and nuclear chemistry, 2014-12, Vol.302 (3), p.1189-1194
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Dordrecht: Springer Netherlands
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The Fifth Symposium on Nuclear Analytical Chemistry (NAC-V) was organized at BARC, Mumbai during January 20–24, 2014 with more than 300 participants. It was sponsored by the Board of Research in Nuclear Sciences, Department of Atomic Energy (DAE), India and organized in cooperation with the IAEA and coorganized by the IANCAS. A total of 240 contributed abstracts along with 27 invited talks and 10 invited short talks were presented in 15 technical sessions. Selected 54 full papers of NAC-V have been accepted after review for publication in special issue of JRNC.

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