Feník, Juraj
Ježišova telesnosť v Jánovom evanjeliu
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  • Verba Theologica, 2019, Vol.XVIII (1), p.74-85
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VERBUM - Catholic University in Ružomberok Press
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This essay focuses on the theme of Jesus’ corporality in the Fourth Gospel. While Johannine studies rightly tend to underline the various ways in which John communicates Jesus’ divinity and union with the Father, this gospel is also filled with texts that stress Jesus’ humanity. From the prologue to the resurrection scenes Jesus periodically appears not only as fully human, but also as fully bodily. The introductory part of the article traces some of the occurrences of the motif of Jesus’ humanity/corporality. In the attempt to point up their significance and function, the two main parts then identify the texts which describe Jesus’ body parts and his physical postures. The essay notes John’s particular interest in drawing attention to Jesus’ body parts and postures, a feature that contributes to John’s being „a maverick Gospel“ that continues to fascinate its readers. As the Son of God in constant communion with the Father, Jesus, as portrayed in John, emerges as a fully human and bodily person.
Englisch, Slowakisch
ISSN: 1336-1635
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Christian Theology and Religion, Religion and science, Theology and Religion

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