Simpson, Jane
Warlpiri Morpho-Syntax: A Lexicalist Approach
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Dordrecht: Springer Netherlands
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Warlpiri is a Pama-Nyungan language (Ngarrka group) spo­ ken by over 3,000 people in Central Australia. Neighbour­ ing languages (all Pama-Nyungan) include its closest relatives, Warlmanpa and Ngardily, to the north-east and west respec­ tively, Warumungu (Warumungic) and the Arandic languages, Kaytetye and Alyawarr, to the east, the Western Desert lan­ guages, Pintupi and Kukatja, to the south and west respectively, the Ngumbin language Jaru to the north-west, the Arandic lan­ guage, Anmatyerre, to the south-east, and the Ngumbin lan­ guages, Gurindji and Mudburra, to the north. Warlpiri country encompasses a huge area of semi-desert stretching west of Tennant Creek to the Western Australian border. For the Warlpiri, this country is filled with meaning. Jukurrpa (often translated as 'Dreaming') beings travel across it, creating and changing the landscape in their passing. Songs, dances, painting, stories and journeys celebrate the jukurrpa and the country. The Warlpiri language is also from the jukurrpa; it is the language spoken by the jukurrpa beings on their travels through Warlpiri country.
ISBN: 9780792312925
ISBN: 9789401132053
ISBN: 0792312929
ISBN: 9401054134
ISBN: 9789401054133
ISBN: 9401132054
ISBN: 9401132046
ISBN: 9789401132046
ISSN: 0924-4670
DOI: 10.1007/978-94-011-3204-6

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