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The case of the learned represented according to the merit of the ill progress hitherto made in arts and sciences, chiefly in philosophy, of which the author gives an entire new system : Shewing, I. The cause of gravity and attraction, otherwise speaking, of attraction and repulsion, how and after what manner nature thereby produces all its most important effects, chiefly in respect to the planetary and animal motion; which he shews to be very far from depending either on the Cartesian or Newtonian principles. II. What nature is, and the effects it is capable of; as also the true difference between the effects of God and those of nature, and thereby renders the existence of God and the immortality of the soul absolutely indisputable, even to the most confirmed atheists, and shews that Sir Isaac Newton, instead of having prov'd those most important points, and establish'd natural religion better than ever any philosopher did, Has he and his disciples pretend, he has entirely disprov'd them, and overturn'd both natural and reveal'd religion. III. How and after what manner vice may be suppress'd, and virtue encreased in the world. IV. How arts and sciences may soon be brought to, and continue at their point of perfection, and to establish a sole Christian faith all over the world. The whole grounded upon phn̆omena, well made experiments, and irresistible arguments, contained in two letters to the Royal Society, one relating to mechanics, and the other to philosophy, &c [Elektronische Ressource]

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