Goldstein, Arnold P.
The Psychology of Vandalism
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  • The Springer Series in Social Clinical Psychology
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Boston, MA : Springer US
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1 Why Study Vandalism? -- 2 Definitions and Demographics -- 3 Causation -- 4 Intervention: Alternative Strategies -- 5 Intervention: Implementation Tactics -- 6 Intervention: Combinations and Evaluations -- 7 Ecovandalism and Psychological Inquiry -- Research Appendix -- Cultural Resource Protection: A Predictive Framework for Identifying Site Vulnerability, Protection Priorities, and Effective Protection Strategies -- Preventing School Vandalism and Improving Discipline: A Three-Year Study -- Countering Sign Vandalism with Public Service Advertising -- Theft and Mutilation of Library Materials -- The Equity Control Model as a Predictor of Vandalism among College Students -- Shame and Embarrassment as Deterrents to Noncompliance with the Law: The Case of an Antilittering Campaign -- A Search for the Elusive Setting Events of School Vandalism: A Correlational Study -- Environmental Correlates of School Vandalism -- The Spatial Ecology of Stripped Cars -- Environmental Cues and Vandal
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