Hardcastle, William J.; Marchal, Alain
Speech Production and Speech Modelling
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  • Nato Science Series D: , Behavioural and Social Sciences; Bd. 55
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Dordrecht : Springer Netherlands
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Proceedings of the NATO Advanced Study Institute, Bonas, France, July 17-29, 1989
Section 1: Physiological Framework for the Speech Production Process -- Organization of the Articulatory System: Peripheral Mechanisms and Central Coordination -- Respiratory Activity in Speech -- Acquisition of Speech Production: the Achievement of Segmental Independence -- Section 2: Coarticuiation and Other Connected Speech Processes -- Segmental Reduction in Connected Speech in German: Phonological Facts and Phonetic Explanations -- V-C-V Lingual Coarticuiation and its Spatiotemporal Domain -- Section 3: Models of Articulatory-Acoustic Relationships -- Compensatory Articulation During Speech; Evidence from the Analysis and Synthesis of Vocal-tract Shapes Using an Articulatory Model -- Articulatory Synthesis -- Articulatory-Acoustic Relationships in Fricative Consonants -- Articulatory-Acoustic-Phonetic Relations and Modelling, Regions and Modes -- Evidence for Nonlinear Sound Production Mechanisms in the Vocal Tract -- Section 4: Theories and Models of Articulatory Organization
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