Stadler, Friedrich
The Vienna Circle and Logical Empiricism : Re-Evaluation and Future Perspectives
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  • Vienna Circle Institute Yearbook; Bd. 10
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Dordrecht : Springer Netherlands
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What is the Vienna Circle? -- What is the Vienna Circle? -- Origins and History -- Pluralism of Tenable World Views -- On the Formation of Logical Empiricism -- Bolzano�́�s Account of Justification -- Kantian Metaphysics and Hertzian Mechanics -- Moritz Schlick -- Moritz Schlick�́�s Idea of Non-territorial States -- An Unknown Side of Moritz Schlick�́�s Intellectual Biography: The Reviews for the �́�Vierteljahrschrift F©ơr Wissenschaftliche Philosophie und Soziologie�́� (1911�́�1916) -- Between Meaning and Demarcation -- �́�Let�́�s Talk about Flourishing!�́� �́� Moritz Schlick and the Non-cognitive Foundation of Virtue Ethics -- Hans Reichenbach -- Coordination and Convention in Hans Reichenbach�́�s Philosophy of Space -- Reichenbach�́�s ?-Definition of Simultaneity in Historical and Philosophical Perspective -- Other Proponents and Periphery -- Towards a Physicalistic Attitude -- Logical Empiricism and Phenomenology: Fel
B©♭la von Juhos and the Concept of �́�Konstatierungen�́� -- Wittgenstein�́�s Constructivization of Euler�́�s Proof of the Infinity of Primes -- Quine�́�S Historical Argument for Epistemology Naturalized -- Unity and Plurality -- Two Uses of Unification -- Unity and Plurality in the Concept of Causation -- Edgar Zilsel�́�s Research Programme: Unity of Science as an Empirical Problem -- Contexts of Science -- Criticizing a Difference of Contexts �́� On Reichenbach�́�S Distincition Between �́�Context of Discovery�́� and �́�Context of Justification�́� -- Contextualizing an Epistemological Issue: The Case of Error in Experiment -- The Contexts of Scientific Justification. Some Reflections on the Relation Between Epistemological Contextualism and Philosophy of Science -- Epistemology -- Modal Skepticism. Philosophical Thought Experiments and Modal Epistemology -- Structure and Heuristic: In Praise of Structural Reallism in the
The Neutrality of Meta-Ethics Revisited �́� How to Draw on Einstein and the Vienna Circle in Developing an Adequate Account of Morals -- Women of Logical Empiricism -- No Woman, No Try? �́� Else Frenkel-Brunswik and the Project of Integrating Psychoanalysis into the Unity of Science -- Susan Stebbing on Cambridge and Vienna Analysis -- Susan Stebbing�́�s Criticism of Wittgenstein�́�s Tractatus -- Rose Rand: a Woman in Logic -- Report �́� Documentation -- Logical Positivism in Russia
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