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Norms, Values, and Society
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  • Vienna Circle Institute Yearbook, Institut �́�Wiener Kreis�́� SOCIETY FOR THE ADVANCEMENT OF THE SCIENTIFIC WORLD CONCEPTION; Bd. 2
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Dordrecht : Springer Netherlands
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Articles: Norms, Values, and Society -- Justice -- The Quest for Happiness: Traces of Ancient Life Wisdom Within the Moral Philosophical Context of the Vienna Circle -- Empiricism and the Norms of Scientific Knowledge: Some Reflections on Otto Neurath and Pierre Bourdieu -- The Controversy About Human Rights -- Some Problems in the Justification of Moral Rights -- �́�Just are the Social Institutions that are Best for their Participants�́�: A Critical Examination -- Gender and Political Equality -- Moral Conduct Under Conditions of Moral Imperfection -- Law and Morality: A Modest Assessment -- (How) Can Law be Legitimated? Habermas, Rawls, Dworkin -- Contract Law and the Ethical Neutrality of the State: Some Thoughts About Liberalism and Communitarianism -- Democracy and the Problem of Collective Identity: Conceptual Distinctions Without Deference to Carl Schmitt -- Two Methods of Doing Bioethics -- Applied Ethics, Applying Ethics and the Methods of Ethics --^
Professional Ethics �́�Applies�́� Nothing -- Rationality and Virtue -- Rationality and Morality -- Humboldt�́�s Argument Against the Welfare State: A Reconstruction in Terms of Game Theory -- The Possibility of Sustaining Trust -- David Hume�́�s Criticism of Traditional Ethics -- Kant and Social Sentiments -- Documentation -- Editorial Remarks -- Science and Analysis of Language -- The Position of Einstein�́�s Theory of Relativity in the Evolution of Science -- Semiotic, the Socio-Humanistic Sciences, and the Unity of Science -- The Social Roots of Science -- Reviews -- Rudolf Haller: Neopositivismus. Eine historische Einf©ơhrung in die Philosophie des Wiener Kreises, Darmstadt 1993 -- Review Essays -- The Positivism Dispute Revisited: Hans-Joachim Dahms: Positivismusstreit. Die Auseinandersetzungen der Frankfurter Schule mit dem logischen Positivismus, dem amerikanischen Pragmatismus und dem kritischen Rationalismus, Frankfurt 1994 --^
Karl Menger�́�s Intellectual Autobiography: Karl Menger: Reminiscences of the Vienna Circle and the Mathematical Colloquium. Ed. by L. Golland, B. McGuinness, A. Sklar, Dordrecht/Boston/London 1994 -- Activities of the Institute Vienna Circle -- Survey 1993/94 -- Preview 1994/95 -- Publications -- Internal Projects -- Index of Names
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ISBN: 9789401724548
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Philosophy (General), Ethics, Science / Philosophy, Philosophy, Philosophy of Science
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