Ruse, Michael
Nature Animated : Historical and Philosophical Case Studies in Greek Medicine, Nineteenth-Century and Recent Biology, Psychiatry, and Psychoanalysis/Papers Deriving from the Third International Conference on the History and Philosophy of Science, Montreal, Canada, 1980 Volume II
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  • The University of Western Ontario Series in Philosophy of Science, A Series of Books in Philosophy of Science, Methodology, Epistemology, Logic, History of Science, and Related Fields; Bd. 21
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Dordrecht : Springer Netherlands
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Table of Contents: Volume II -- The New Dualism: �́�Res Philosophica�́� and �́�Res Historica�́� -- I -- Hippocrates and the School of Cos. Between Myth and Skepticism -- The Historical Hippocrates and the Origins of Scientific Medicine. Comments on Joly -- II -- What�́�s in a Word? Coming to Terms in the Darwinian Revolution -- Comments on Beatty -- Reply to Hull -- III -- The Politics of Truth: A Social Interpretation of Scientific Knowledge, with an Application to the Case of Sociobiology -- IV -- Anatomy of the Self in Psychoanalytic Theory -- The Unity of the Self -- Psychoanalysis, Personal Identity, and Scientific Method -- V -- Themes in British Psychiatry, J. C. Prichard (1785�́�1848) to Henry Maudsley (1835�́�1918) -- Comments on Bynum -- Name Index
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ISBN: 9789400969605
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