Lou, Jiwei; Wang, Shuilin
Public finance in China : reform and growth for a harmonious society
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Washington, D.C : World Bank
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Includes bibliographical references and index
Foreword/ by James W. Adams -- Preface -- Acknowledgments -- Contributors -- Abbreviations -- Overview/ Shuilin Wang -- Part I: Role of the state and public finances -- Public finances, the role of the state, and economic transformation, 1978- 2020/ Athar Hussain and Nicholas Stern -- Intergovernmental fiscal reforms, expenditure assignment, and governance/ David Dollar and Bert Hofman -- Fiscal policy and reforms: toward realizing a harmonious society/ Teresa Ter-Minassian and Annalisa Fedelino -- Part II: Fiscal reform and revenue assignments -- Expenditure assignments in China: challenges and policy options/ Jorge Martinez-Vazquez ... [et al.] -- Taxation reforms and the sequencing of intergovernmental reforms in China: preconditions for a Xiaokang society/ Ehtisham Ahmad -- Part III: Intergovernmental relations and fiscal transfers ---
Fine-tuning the intergovernmental transfer system to create a harmonious society and a level playing field for regional development/ Anwar Shah and Chunli Shen -- The reform of intergovernmental fiscal relations in China: lessons learned/ Jiwei Lou -- Creating a regulatory framework for managing subnational borrowing/ Lili Liu -- Part IV: Education and innovation financing -- Financing lifelong learning/ Carl Dahlman, Douglas Zhihua Zeng, and Shuilin Wang -- Strengthening China's technological capability/ Shahid Yusuf and Kaoru Nabeshima -- Part V: The public health system: access, service delivery, and financing -- Financing public health/ David B. Evans and Ke Xu -- Health reform in rural China: challenges and options/ Adam Wagstaff and Magnus Lindelow -- Part VI: Social security -- Notional defined contribution accounts: a pension reform model worth considering/ Jiange Li, Mark Dorfman, and Yan Wang ---
Realizing the potential of China's social security pension system/ Martin Feldstein and Jeffrey Liebman -- Part VII: Growth, inequality and fiscal reform -- Does the Di Bao program guarantee a minimum income in China's cities?/ Martin Ravallion, Shaohua Chen, and Youjuan Wang -- Growth, inequality, and fiscal policy from a historical perspective: are there lessons for China?/ François Bourguignon.
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Finance, Public / China, China / Social policy

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0-8213-6927-X, 0-8213-6928-8, 978-0-8213-6927-2, 978-0-8213-6928-9
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