Kaye, William
The reformation, in which is reconciliation with God and his people : or, I. Subjection to the state remonstrated: viz. That all that receive protection ought to yield subjection to this present power; (the old Protestants doctrine) opposite to that of the fift [sic] monarchy, &c. II. Church-government reformed: shewing, that the church should be governed by Scripture, bishops, presbyters, pastors, all unitedly subordained under the supreme-magistrate. III. Faith, in which all should be baptized is cleared: or, a catchism [sic] unveiling the Apostles Creed, with annotations; in which faith, ordinances and government are professed as in the primitive times, in opposition to all errors and heresies [Elektronische Ressource]
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London : Printed for M.I. and are to be sold by Toh. [sic] Parkhurst, and at the three Crowns, at the lower end of Cheapside, over-against the great Conduit
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Annotation on Thomason copy: "July". - Anonymous: by William Kaye. - In three parts: title page to part 2 is on C8v (first signature sequence) and reads: II. The church-government by scripture bishops, presbyters, pastors all dependently united under the supreme magistrate jure divino; title page to part 3 ([Wing K40], A1r, third signature sequence) reads: The reformed protestant's catechism, with annotations: .. London: printed for M.I. and are to be sold by Tho. Parkhurst, at the three Crowns, at the lower end of Cheapside, over-against the great Conduit, 1658. Blank leaves: C7 (first signature sequence) and E8 (second sequence). - Numerous errors in pagination. - Reproduction of the original in the British Library. - Signatures: A-C; A-E; A-D. - Thomason, E.2126[1]. - Wing (2nd ed.), K39. - Wing (2nd ed.), K40
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