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Kennedy, Sue[Herausgeber];Thomas, Jane[Herausgeber]
British women's writing, 1930 to 1960 : between the waves
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Liverpool : Liverpool University Press
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  • Introduction; Sue Kennedy and Jane Thomas; Part I: Women Within and Beyond: Visions of 'This Island' 1930-1960; 1. 'Pacifism , Fascism and The Crisis of Civilization': Vera Brittain, Storm Jameson and Nancy Mitford in the 1930s; Natasha Periyan; 2. Lower-Middle-Class Domestic Leisure in Woman's Weekly, 1930 ; Eleanor Reed; 3. 'Unsettled' and 'Unsettling' Women: Migrant Voices After the War; Maroula Joannou ; Part II: Women Bearing Witness: The Temperature of War; 4. Supporting and Resisting the Myth of the Blitz: Ambiguity in Susan Ertz's Anger in the Sky (1943); Lola Serraf; 5. 'The Lure of Pleasure': Sex and the Married Girl in Marghanita Laski's To Bed with Grand Music (1946); Sue Kennedy; 6. The Ambivalence of Testimony in The Heat of the Day (1949), Elizabeth Bowen; Ana Ashraf; 7. Re-presenting Wrens: Nancy Spain's Thank you Nelson (1945), Eileen Bigland's The Story of the WRNS (1946), Vera Laughton Matthews' Blue Tapestry (1948) and Edith Pargeter's She Goes to War (1942) ; Chris Hopkins; Part III: Women Writing Men: Interwar, War and Aftermath; 8. 'We must feed the men': Pamela Hansford Johnson's Maternal Plotting. Too Dear For My Possessing (1940), An Avenue of Stone (1947) and A Summer to Decide (1948); Gill Plain; 9. Men of the House: Oppressive Husbands and Displaced Wives in Second World War and Post-War Literature (Dorothy Whipple, Elizabeth Taylor, Daphne du Maurier); Lucy Hall ; 10. British Women Writing War: The Case of Storm Jameson ; Katherine Cooper; Part IV: New Realities for Women: A Forward Glance; 11. Barbara Comyns and New Directions in Women's Writing; Nick Turner; 12. A New Reality: Shelagh Delaney's A Taste of Honey (1958); Maria Elena Capitani; 13. Stevie Smith: Poetry and Personality; James Underwood; 14. 'Whoever She Was': Penelope Mortimer, Beyond the Feminine Mystique; Jane Thomas

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