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Fairy tales and feminism : new approaches
Series in fairy-tale studies
Haase, Donald[Herausgeber]
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Haase, Donald[Herausgeber]
Fairy tales and feminism : new approaches
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  • Series in fairy-tale studies
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Detroit : Wayne State University Press
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  • Includes bibliographical references
  • Feminist fairy-tale scholarship / Donald Haase -- Fertility control and the birth of the modern European fairy-tale heroine / Ruth B. Bottigheimer -- On fairy tales, subversion, and ambiguity: feminist approaches to seventeenth-century contes de fées / Lewis C. Seifert -- German fairy tales : a user's manual : translations of six frames and fragments by romantic women / Jeannine Blackwell -- The mirror broken : women's autobiography and fairy tales / Elizabeth Wanning Harries -- Fire and water : a journey into the heart of a story / Kay Stone -- The fairy-tale intertext in Iberian and Latin American women's writing / Patricia Anne Odber de Baubeta -- Babes in the bosque : fairy tales in twentieth-century Argentine women's writing / Fiona Mackintosh -- Creolization as agency in woman-centered folktales / Lee Haring -- Genre and gender in the cultural reproduction of India as "wonder" tale / Cristina Bacchilega -- Disrupting the boundaries of genre and gender : postmoder
ISBN: 9780814330302, 0814330304
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