In Search of a Relational Theory
The American psychologist, 2009, Vol.64 (8), p.779-788


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L'ABATE, Luciano
In Search of a Relational Theory
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  • The American psychologist, 2009, Vol.64 (8), p.779-788
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Washington, DC: American Psychological Association
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  • The author searched for empirically based theories and models with an interpersonal and relational focus. This search was conducted in spite of academic and professional psychology's general avoidance of theory building coupled with an exaggerated reliance on empirical evidence, producing a chaotic proliferation of models unrelated to each other. Requirements for any theory are verifiability, applicability, redundancy, and fruitfulness. Many two-factor relational theories and models derive from the two assumptions of space and time. From these models and theories two stand out: attachment theory and relational competence theory (RCT). Both theories attempt to link heretofore separate fields: research and practice. The major asset of attachment theory has been a multitude of studies in the English-speaking world. The major shortcoming of RCT is that research to support the validity of its models has been conducted only in Italy. However, many test instruments, enrichment programs, and interactive practice exercises for some models of RCT are available in English. (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2009 APA, all rights reserved).

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